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photo of Aderonke Oyefuga and her family


“Early literacy skills help form an important foundation for future success. To achieve its mandate as a community source of knowledge and information, Saskatoon Public Library requires adequate spacing and up-to-date resources — things the new central library will directly address.”
— Aderonke Oyefuga

Nurturing Children & Youth

Libraries open doors to learning, wonder and imagination for children of all ages and the new library will be no exception. A whimsical-themed story room will create magical memories and promote early literacy, while the interactive discovery area will provide engaging opportunities for active learning.

Young visitors will explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) opportunities in the art and innovation labs equipped with the latest technology and tools. Teens will benefit both academically and socially with group study zones and a dedicated gaming space.  


photo of Jane McPhee


“The library has always been a special place to me, not only for the worlds that are opened up to us in books, but also as a place where community comes together! It’s a place where people gather because of a shared love of learning, of creativity in all its forms, of stories, and a place where newcomers to our city can come to connect. Our new library will be a place that will inspire, from its creative design reflecting First Nations and Métis culture and values, to its age-friendly spaces for multigenerational and accessible gathering. I can’t wait to explore!”
— Jane McPhee

Inspiring Lifelong Learning

The new library encompasses the many ways we learn, grow and make meaning today. Whatever you want to learn and however you want to learn it, you will find opportunities in the new library. From spaces to gather and learn, like the community kitchen and auditorium, to quiet spaces for reading and study, the new library will foster personal growth at any stage of life.

Photo of Aditi Garg


“As an educator, I have seen how learners can benefit from equitable access to library services. A larger collection, more technology, and spaces to support community programming at the new central library will support Saskatoon Public Library’s already impressive contributions to education in our city.”
— Aditi Garg

Contributing to Education & Employment

Learning and literacy are at the heart of what we do at the library. The new central library will support the many literacies that enable residents to grow and thrive today. A larger library collection will provide materials for all ages, with a dedicated space for quiet study and research. The expanded program rooms, creative spaces and computer training room will offer numerous opportunities for skill development for employment and individual growth.

Photo of Kyle Manley


“Helping bridge the digital divide, public libraries strengthen our communities. I remember attending a variety of wizard-based programs as a child and I still access various library services today. The new central library will be a model of reconciliation, environmental sustainability, and accessibility and will continue the trend of modernizing the core of our community. A fresh new space downtown for everyone to enjoy. After all, having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.”
— Kyle Manley

Driving Creativity & Innovation

Modern libraries fill gaps in communities by providing free access to tools and technology that build skills and boost creativity. The Innovation Lab space in the new library will inspire learning and discovery with audio and video production studios, technology stations for 3D printing, and digitization and creation stations for sewing and other creative pursuits. Futher, a Creator in Residence will provide programs and assistance for aspiring innovators, from students and hobbyists to local musicians and entrepreneurs.

Photo of Leif Friggstad


“Central libraries at their best should be the great equalizers within a community, with no financial barriers for access to information, points of connection or a sense of welcome and belonging. The new central library will enhance Saskatoon’s downtown with its inspiring spaces, free access to modern technology and focus on accessibility. It will be a popular destination for residents and visitors alike, including members of the local business community.”
— Leif Friggstad

Supporting Local Businesses 

Library spaces are available for everyone in the community, including local businesses, entrepreneurs and community groups. The new library will have bookable meeting rooms, as well as a café, perfect for meetings with colleagues, volunteers or clients. Those working on the go will appreciate access to modern technology, printing services, reference materials and various workspace options, including laptop stations.

photo of Iris Akbar


“The new central library will be a refreshing addition to our beloved city. It is a masterpiece, designed by brilliant minds who uphold values of inclusion, diversity and reconciliation. As a queer person, the library has always been a safe space for me. It was the place I went to learn, discover and appreciate my identities. Now, as an adult, it’s exciting to see that the new central library is being meaningfully designed as a welcoming place for everyone.”
— Iris Akbar

Creating Inclusion

The library belongs to the people of our community. It’s a place where everyone is welcome and everyone belongs. The new library will reflect our community’s diversity with materials in various languages, programs for newcomers, an oral stories collection and Knowledge Keeper in Residence services. Programs and spaces will nurture inclusion and provide enhanced opportunities for partnerships with community organizations.

photo of Linda Yip


“As a family historian, I know there’s a lot you can get online but that only hints at the hidden wealth of knowledge in an archive. The Family History Room at the Saskatoon Public Library serves patrons in Saskatoon, around the province, across Canada and beyond, as the descendants of Saskatchewan families followed their own paths in the world. A beautiful new space will invite the curious to discover their own history, and the knowledgeable to stay a little longer.”
— Linda Yip

Honouring Community Stories

Stories enrich our lives and enhance the fabric of our community. The expanded Local History Room and Oral Stories Collection in the new library will ensure our unique histories are honoured and passed from one generation to another. The Storytelling Circle will play a vital role in inter-generational learning and cultural teachings with guidance from the Storyteller in Residence. New and emerging local artists will also have the opportunity to share their stories and work in the reimagined Gallery space.

photo of Aiden Young


“As a part of the new central library accessibility committee, it has been great to see how input from both the committee and community has been included in the design of the new central library. Having accessible washrooms on every level is very important, as are wider aisles for those who use accessibility aids such as wheelchairs. It is exciting that the design team is targeting Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification.”
— Aiden Young

Leadings in Accessibility

The fundamental belief that everyone deserves equal access to learning, opportunities and engagement comes to life in the new library design. SPL is targeting Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™, making the new library one of the city’s most accessible buildings. In addition to considerations like shelving layout, aisle width, furniture design and accessible washrooms, the library will support all abilities with an accessible collection, audio enhancements and adaptable technology.


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