Everyone has a different reason to love the library. What’s yours? 

Janna S

My mom inspired my love of reading through the public library growing up. It’s a joy to be able to share the same experiences of borrowing a huge stack of books and then curling up to read together with my own kids.

Lindsay R.

The library loves you unconditionally like your dog, Rufus: it gives and gives and expects nothing in return. The joy of being able to order up any book, walk over and pick it up for free? It fills my heart (& my mind). We are so lucky that such a place exists.

Library Supporter

Libraries are essential for a community’s well-being and for us all to thrive and build our best futures.

Sacha T.

The library has had something for our family at every stage from borrowing bedtime books and games, attending family storytime, picking up newly released novels and a quiet place to study.

Library Supporter

Libraries Rock! They are really what community is about; bringing resources, accessibility, education, connections, and fun to the people of Saskatoon.

Katrina H.

Thank you for all you do for the community! I can’t wait to see the new downtown library!

Library Supporter

The Saskatoon Public Library is an essential institution of our community. All the services offered go way beyond books.

Library Supporter

A tremendous resource of learning and educational material for the residents of the city. A great service provided by very cordial, helpful, and friendly staff.

Library Supporter

You are all shining stars and I am so grateful for all the public library offers to our city.

Brittany B.

The future of libraries is bright. I can’t wait to spend my life watching the evolution.

Library Supporter

SPL is a treasure! Thanks for the many ways you enrich our community and our lives!

Library Supporter

Libraries are essential to the wellness of society!

Vipen Sawhney, Professor Emeritus

Being of an academic background, I consider learning an extremely important aspect of everyone’s life and public libraries provide an access to every resident, at no charge. A new modern library with excellent facilities will be a big asset to our city.

Andrea H

I love my library because it’s an incredible resource for my community. I love my community and ensuring everyone has access to books, technology, and a librarian is important to me.

Andrew S

I loved Pooh Corner as a kid. I was so excited when I had a child of my own, we made it a regular visit.

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