2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Suddenly Supernatural Book 4

Suddenly Supernatural: Crossing Over
by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Oh how excited I was when this fourth book in the Suddenly Supernatural series finally had a pub date. And then the cover was revealed and so was the summary – this book is taking place right next door to me! How awesome is that?

Set in Montreal and Old Montreal, Kat, Jac and the class are on a school trip this time around over a weekend. Three days in Montreal, Canada and Kat collects a gaggle of spirits who follow her around and sit next to the boy she’s crushing on on their motor coach.

It was very cool to read about the Notre-Dame Basilica and the Montreal Biodome from the perspective of someone who doesn’t live here. I take these places for granted (although I do love the Biodome!) and as much as I dislike living here I am still all excited when I hear a story is taking place right next to my house.

This book had everything you could ask for on an eighth-grade school trip – there was parental chaperone/teenage daughter  angst, mean girls, boy crush nervousness, over-zealous yet cool tour guide, dorky French teacher, lost French-Canadian spirits and best friend plotting.

One thing that made me laugh was the fact that the French-Canadian tour guide, when speaking English to the group on the bus would start every sentence with “Okay, guys!”. You have no idea how accurate that is. I have known so many French-Canadian males that while speaking English to a group of people (even on class trips) say this often.

Kimmel even got our famous Quebec-meal in the book – poutine. I am unsure as to which restaurant she was referring to when the class went to a “poutine restaurant” for dinner, where all it had was poutine. I’m a poutine purest to be honest, I just like mine with fries, gravy and cheese curds. None of this fancy Italian or Mexican poutine for me.

I do hope there will be another Suddenly Supernatural book in the future. It’s rare that I get this excited over a book. It’s different than with other series that I enjoy. I actually squeal when I see this book in stock. In fact when I checked the Chapigo site Friday night at 8PM and saw that ONE store had 2 copies in stock (as it is just releasing on May 1st) and that ONE store was near my house, I made my husband drive me there right away so I could pick it up. They had just received it that day and it hadn’t even made it to the shelves yet. I dare say I am the first in Montreal to have a copy in her hands and have read it all in one swoop on Saturday morning. Wooty woot!

Suddenly Supernatural Series

  1. School Spirit
  2. Scaredy Kat
  3. Unhappy Medium
  4. Crossing Over