2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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The PLAIN Janes

The P.L.A.I.N. Janes
by Cecil Castellucci

I had been reading a lot of good things about The Plain Janes, so I decided to pick it up one day when I was walking by the graphic novel section of my local bookstore. It was a difficult task too, because apparently there was only one left in stock and yet no one could find it. Turned out it was on an overstock shelf waaaaaaay up near the ceiling. I was really hoping the sales clerk wasn’t going to fall off the ladder and kill herself all because I wanted to check out this book.

She didn’t fall or break anything and I walked away with my very own copy of Cecil Castellucci’s graphic novel. Yay, me, I thought!

I ┬ádidn’t like the Original Jane, the one who was planning all these art attacks, all that much. I found her to be fake and uninteresting. The only thing I really liked about her was her style of clothing. I am all about the 60s chic. The plot itself was pretty cool and I love the idea of art attacks all over the city. ┬áThis was a nice break for me from all the regular novels I’ve been reading. Fresh, though slightly slow at times for my hyperactive brain, I think this is one book I shall forever cherish sitting on my shelf.

I also found that the story ended rather abrubptly, and I was confused when I turned the page and there was just a teaser for another graphic novel published by the same company. That was weird. :(


2 comments to The PLAIN Janes

  • Ooh, I liked this one. Honestly, I love a quick read in between my longer commitments, and I just liked the change of pace of a graphic novel. I also liked the main Jane, and I bet that not liking her would really have thrown me, so I get where you’re coming from. Ah well!

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  • I finally read this – I must have put it on my list way back when you posted this review. Great book! I’m sorry I waited so long. I can’t remember if you’ve read her YA novel Boy Proof. I think you’d love it.