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2014 Reading Challenge
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5 Questions: author Stacia Kane (Personal Demons / Demon Inside)

I am super thrilled to be able to bring you this 5 Questions segment with the awesome author Stacia Kane! Stacia happened to stumble across my review of Personal Demons sometime after I had posted it and I replied to her comment asking IF there would be another book and WHEN would be it out and when it was – would she be interested in answering my 5 questions! Well, here we are a year later and WOOHOO! I have a Q&A with Stacia Kane! *happy dance*

1. With the increase (it seems) in Urban Fantasy type novels out these days, what made you decide to write about demons as opposed to any other “supernatural” type creature? Did you think the literary world was a little too over-run with vampires and werewolves?

Oh, I think there’s always room for great stories, I wanted to do demons just because the “personal demons” thing seemed like too much fun to ignore.

2. The demon funeral scene really stood out for me in Demon Inside. Can you describe your inspiration for this scene?

Actually, it was a description of ancient Roman funerals in Catherine Arnold’s “Necropolis: London and Its Dead.” It was so beautiful and dramatic I couldn’t resist modifying it. I just wanted something that would create not only a real feeling of history but a feeling of otherwordliness, which would then lead directly into the Gretneg ceremony later that night. I wanted Megan to really be stepping through a portal, as it were.

3. What do you imagine your personal demon is like?

He’s probably very well fed. :-)

4. Night or day?

Night, absolutely.

5. If you could have one supernatural power, what do you think it would be?

I want eternal life. That’s my number one desire. But beyond that, teleportation. I’d love to be able to teleport.

BONUS QUESTION: If your publisher ever suggested coming to Montreal for a book signing, what would you say? ;)

I’d say Hell YEAH!! :-)

Thank you so much, Stacia! I am an avid fan (ok, so I still need to go out and buy your new series Unholy Ghosts & soon-to-be-released Unholy Magic, but shush) and I can’t wait for MORE Megan Chase (Demon Possessed – February 2010)!

I have reviewed both Personal Demons and Demon Inside. Click the links if you’d like to read them!

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